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ERAOIL is the first and most advanced stand-alone rotating disc electrode spectrometer analyzing wear metals, additives, and contaminants in all kinds of operating liquids, like lubricating oils, fuels, coolants, process water, etc.

Up to 32 elements are measured fully automatically within 30 seconds. ERAOIL’s high-end CMOS detector in combination with the automatic background correction allow for a sub-ppm detection limit (LOD) for most elements.


ASTM D6595:
Wear metals, contaminants, and additives in used lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids
ASTM D6728:
Contaminants in gas turbine and engine fuel

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Smallest footprint with built-in PC

ERAOIL’s unique stand-alone design offers a rugged all-in-one package for operation even in the smallest on-site testing labs. It comes with a built-in 10” color touchscreen and a PC. Even an electrode sharpener and an automatic ventilation system are integrated into the ERAOIL. Still, it is the RDE-OES analyzer with the smallest footprint on the market.

ERAOIL is very easy to use even for untrained operators. The automated measuring procedure follows simple steps and is therefore perfect for on-site inspection: Just fill the sample cup, close the door, and push the start button. The elemental concentration is available immediately.

High-precision oil & fuel analysis

ERAOIL is fully compliant with ASTM D6595 (oil) and ASTM D6728 (fuel). ASTM D6595 is the standard for identifying wear metals and contaminants in used lubricating oils and used hydraulic fluids by rotating disc electrode atomic emission spectrometry.

For determinating contaminants in gas turbine and diesel engine fuel, ASTM D6728 is the standard of choice. To protect finished fuels against trace contamination ERAOIL is available with the special Low Detection Fuel Module to detect e.g. Potassium, Lithium, Sodium and Vanadium at LOD levels of as low as 0.1 ppm.

Applications of the Spectrometer ERAOIL

Multi-elemental analysis is the core of in-service oil analysis. ERAOIL is the perfect solution for wear metal analysis of lubricants from engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems and gears boxes. The fast and easy elemental analysis brings clear advantages for the operation of any commercial means of transport or machines in the industrial environment.

This solution also offers clear added value for other applications such as coolants, metal working fluids, or any other process fluids.

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Features at a glance

  • Analyzing wear metals, contaminants, and additives in lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids according to ASTM D6595 and contaminants in gas turbine and engine fuel according to ASTM D6728
  • Up to 32 elements in 30 seconds with sub-ppm LOD
  • Stand-alone design with built-in PC, touchscreen, sharpener & ventilation
  • Smallest and most rugged housing for lab and on-site applications

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