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Unique Measuring Options

With unmatched precision, speed and versatility ERAVAP is the instrument of choice for vapor pressure testing of e.g. gasoline, crude oil, LPG, solvents, fragrances, or aqueous solutions in full compliance with the latest international standards. With Eralytics latest invention, the ultra-light temperature-controlled U-tube density meter module DENS4052 (patent pending), ERAVAP offers even more: simultaneous measurement of vapor pressure and density in a single, portable analyzer.

10-Position Autosampler

Eralytics’ 10-position autosampler is directly attached to the instrument to automatically measure up to 10 samples subsequentially. Datasheet 10-position autosampler >>

Integrated Density Meter Module DENS4052

The integrated, ultra-light density meter module offers lab-grade density measurements in full compliance with ASTM D4052 & ISO 12185 (r = 0.0001 g/cm3). ERAVAP is the only analyzer on the market allowing for the simultaneous measurement of vapor pressure and density with a single, portable analyzer.


External Density Meter Module DENS4052 EXT

The external, ultra-light and compact density meter module DENS4052 EXT is an option for lab-grade density measurements (ASTM D4052). Datasheet DENS4052 EXT >>


High Viscosity Module (HVM)

The HVM allows measuring preheated, highly viscous samples to lower their viscosity for an easy filling of the measurement chamber. The inlet assembly, as well as the internal tubes of ERAVAP, are heated up to 70 °C to avoid blockage and therefore extend the maximum feasible viscosity.


Low-Temperature Module

The Low-Temperature Module in combination with an external chiller extends the temperature range of ERAVAP to -20 to 120 °C (-4 to 248 °F).


Floating/Manual Piston Cylinders (FPC/MPC)

ERAVAP MPC (ASTM D8009) and FPC (ASTM D3700) are perfectly suitable for the sampling, transport and measurement of liquid samples such as crude oil, condensates, aviation gasoline, LPG and other hydrocarbon solvents. The syringe-type design of the MPC makes the cleaning procedure an easy task. Datasheet Manual Piston Cylinder >>


Temperature Verification Sensors (TVS)

TVS™ allows convenient monitoring of the temperature directly in the sample container. The immediate verification of the sample preparation, even before the start of the actual measurement ensures maximum precision for ASTM D5191 vapor pressure testing. Datasheet TVS >>


Pressure Regulator

A Pressure Regulator is available for both ERAVAP models with a maximum input pressure of 70 bar (1000 psi) and an adjustable output pressure of 0 – 6.9 bar (0 – 100 psi) for ERAVAP or 0 – 17.2 bar (0 – 250 psi) for ERAVAP LPG.


Low Vapor Pressure Module

The Low VP Module provides a direct and an extrapolation method specialized for samples with a low vapor pressure down to 0.1 kPa in excellent correlation to the isoteniscope method ASTM D2879.


Anti-Corrosion Module

The Anti-Corrosion Module is an extension for ERAVAP (EV10) to measure the vapor pressure of moderately corrosive samples such as diluted aqueous acids or bases.


Combination of modules

Most of the modules can be freely combined with each other, however, some applications imply certain restrictions. See below the compatibility chart for a detailed description:

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