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LogicOil AutoLab XL

Automated oil analysis including Particle Count, Viscosity, FTIR and Ferrous Debris in one streamlined laboratory instrument. The LogicOil AutoLAB XL saves valuable lab technician time over conventional manual sample handling methods.

All-in-one fully automated instrument

Designed to automate your oil testing regime, the LogicOil AutoLAB XL enables you to complete most of your oil analysis requirements with just one instrument freeing up valuable lab technician time and allowing you to focus on higher value tasks.

Fully integrated, the AutoLAB XL gives you the ability to capture a visual record of the sample, analyse viscosity, ferrous debris, particle count, oil degradation and oil dilution – all without handling the sample more than once.

Fast & Accurate

Equipped to hold two trays of 50 sample, the AutoLAB XL is programmed to run each sample through a predefined testing regime, including the removal of the bottle cap during the process allowing access to the sample for more detailed analysis.

Once completed, the cap is replaced and the sample bottle returned safely to its place in the tray. At the end of the batch, the completed trays are removed for storage or disposal.

The LogicOil AutoLAB XL systems automates the following;

  • Sample Imaging
  • Ferrous debris (PQ)
  • Particle Count
  • FTIR
  • Viscosity
  • Sample Prep for ICP

Particle Count

The AutoLAB Particle Counter module conforms to ISO11171, ISO4406 and SAE AS4059. Particle count will report ISO4/6/14 code and on diameters 4μm, 6μm, 10μm, 14μm, 21μm, 25μm, 38μm and 70 μm.

Houillon Viscometer

The LogicOil AutoLAB features a Houillon Viscometer that conforms to ASTM D7279 and D2270 and Correlates to ASTM D445.

The system offers all the tried and tested advantages of a Houillon-type tube design such as short process times, small sample volume and low solvent consumption. Viscosity is measured at 40C.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

The AutoLAB XL features an FTIR module to measure contaminants, degradation products, additive depletion and calculate properties such as TAN, TBN, and viscosity.

As lubricant oils exhibit various chemical changes during their lifetime, these can be measured through simple changes such as fuel dilution or the uptake of soot (ASTM E2412) from combustion. Additionally, chemical reactions within combustion products can lead to oxidation (ASTM D7414), nitration (ASTM D7624) or sulfation (ASTM D7415) which can be summarised as degradation.

To increase lubricant cycle times, modern lubricants carry a wide variety of additives. These additives become depleted during operation and can be monitored through IR spectroscopy.

Particle Quantification (PQL)

The AutoLAB XL incorporates the Analex Particle Quantifier. An essential addition to modern used oil analysis, the Analex Particle Quantifier is the most accurate means of detecting and measuring ferrous wear debris in lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and greases.

Fast, and unrestricted by particle size or distribution, the Analex Particle Quantifier is an extremely effective screening tool for multiple samples prior to further analysis by ICP or XRF.

Condition monitoring of machinery lubricants is an established method of predicting and avoiding impending machinery breakdown. Worn components can be identified early and replaced before any serious damage occurs. Production can be maintained, machinery life extended and the return on capital investment increased.

Image Capture (Visual Identification)

The AutoLAB Vision module can be programmed to record multiple images of the sample bottle (from the side and below) providing a visual reference of the sample. This can be used to visually contrast and compare the sample with the results. A helpful feature for the overall interpretation of sample results, with Images exported to LIMS.

Software and LIMS Intregration

The AutoLAB Software offers a user friendly GUI. Analysis results for Particle Counting, FTIR, Viscometry, Ferrous Debris and Visual Sample Identification is uploaded to LIMS via standard CSV file and JPEG images.

Auto Dilution

The AutoLAB XL Auto Diluter will prepare a 96 tube tray ready for analysis on the laboratory ICP.

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