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Field Patch Test Kit

Analyse contamination levels and contaminate types in hydraulic
and lubrication systems in the field.

Effective Analysis in the Field 

Monitoring fluid cleanliness in hydraulic and lubrication systems is a common practice. When the pressure is on waiting weeks for bottle samples from an independent lab might not be an option. Oil analysis practices vary from lab to lab and once the sample is shipped off you no longer have control of the sample or how it is processed.

See The Difference, Control The Process 

With LogicOil’s Field Patch Kit oil cleanliness can be visually analysed in the field without waiting for lab results and losing control of the analysing process.

The LogicOil Field Patch Kit kit provides the opportunity to see the type, concentration, and actual size of particulate contamination inside the system. The LogicOil Field Patch Kit includes reference photos so that the patch sample can be correlated to an approximate ISO Fluid Cleanliness Code.

When used in conjunction with LogicOil on-line particle counting equipment exact fluid cleanliness and visual analysis are at your fingertips. When you need results now the LogicOil Field Patch Kit is an excellent alternative to off-site oil analysis laboratories.

How It Works

LogicOli Ferrous provides repeatable and accurate determination of ferromagnetic material concentration down to single ppm levels. It provides a mass proportional output from any size or quantity of ferrous contaminant particles, even sub-micron particles.

Complete PTK-1 Kit Includes

  • 100x magnification field microscope
  • 1.2m filter test patches
  • Funnel assembly with ml fill line for accuracy
  • Vacuum pump to extract fluid samples from the system and process 25ml sample through filter patch
  • Sample bottles
  • Forceps for filter patch handling
  • Solvent dispenser with dispensing filters
  • Instruction manual
  • Visual correlation chart to determine approximate ISO Cleanliness Code of patchtest kit sample
  • Visual correlation chart to determine type of particles captured on the patch
  • Patch mounting cards and adhesive covers to protect samples from ambient contamination and to preserve samples for future reference
Resources & Downloads

LogicOil Field Patch Test Kit Enquiry 

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