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LogicOil Oil Count PLUS

Whether on-site or in the laboratory, LogicOil OilCount PLUS will provide instant cleanliness readings to allow you to fully understand the condition of your oils and fuels.

Portable Fuel Diagnosis

Portable oil cleanliness just got better! Whether on-site or in the laboratory, the LogicOil OilCount will provide instant cleanliness readings to allow you to fully understand the condition of your oils and fuels.

LogicOil OilCount is a self contained system, complete with integral pump and controlled flow rate.

Wide Range of Applications

Knowing the particulate cleanliness and water content data of hydraulic and lubrication systems can prevent serious system failures and component damage. By testing oil cleanliness in real time, the necessary protection can be put in place to protect sensitive components. LogicOil OilCount PLUS is available in multiple configurations for both fuels and oils.

Single LCD Screen

The LogicOil OilCount has a single screen to display ISO codes as a single reading e.g. 18/15/13. With options to include the 21 micron count and to show ISO, NAS or SAE cleanliness codes. Alarm levels can also be set via the LCD display.

Diesel Fuel Testing

Choice of three models for diesel fuel testing, LogicOil’s OilCount is able to detect particulate levels in any diesel and oil sample.

For water analysis we’ve included an accurate, temperature compensated genuine Parts Per Million (PPM) sensor. Also available is a highly accurate density sensor to detect the slightest change in diesel fuels integrity, this can be useful to detect if fuel has been tampered with or substituted, for example, with water or kerosene.

Internal Memory

We’ve included built in memory to capture results and store data, which can be easily transferred to a USB stick. Results show all sensors connected in a tabular and graphical format.

Improved Fluid Flow

We have adopted a high pressure internal gear pump throughout the range. The pump is protected via current draw/overload and temperature sensor/cut out.

There is also a priming feature to evacuate air bubbles. All units can handle diesel through to oils up to 420 cSt viscosity. Common input can accept pressurised live feeds up to 350 Bar via a HP adaptor.

Trending Software

All versions are supplied with a quick start guide along with a memory stick which contains the data logging template, graphs, ROC trending software and user manual. This powerful trending software shows real time cleanliness data in a graphical format transferred live to a connected PC.

Water Sensor

A water sensor can be included to provide an accurate reading of moisture content in the fluid. This can be shown as %RH for oils and PPM for diesel fuels.

Battery Life

Complete with a rechargeable battery, giving 6 hours of continual use, fluid dependent, making LogicOil’s FuelCheck perfect for field use.

Case Design

Lightweight and heavy-duty, the outer casing is ideal for working in the field.

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