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LogicOil OilVisc

Minimise down-time of critical equipment by monitoring viscosity changes with LogicOil’s OilVisc.

On-site Kinematic Viscometer

Portable lab quality results Minimise down-time of critical operating equipment by monitoring changes in lubrication through oil degradation and contamination with LogicOil’s OilVisc. LogicOil’s OilVisc offers lab quality results on the go with a high level of accuracy (+/-3%) Relative Standard Deviation to NIST viscosity standards.


  • High performance processor
  • Large 11cm LCD touch screen
  • USB Interface / Access Port
  • Built-in power supply
  • Fast detection speed (<1min)
  • Protective outer case

LogicOil OilVisc Features Includes

  • Measurement of viscosity, density and temperature
  • Density measurement accuracy of 0.001g/cm3
  • Viscosity range 0.3~400mPa s
  • Accuracy 2%
  • Temperature Range -40 to 100C

Small Sample Requirement

LogicOil’s OilVisc allows you to test samples without impacting the equipment’s lubrication level. Only a small sample is required with readings return in around a minute.


Portable Easy Operation

LogicOil’s OilVisc is user-friendly. The interactive LDC touch screen allows for easy operation and guides the user through the testing procedure.

Portable and self contained, once the sample is analysed, the USB port allows you to export the file.

Viscosity & Density Sensor

LogicOil’s OilVisc employs the latest advanced piesoelectric resonant components and can automatically provide real time fluid density, viscosity and temperature data.

The LogicOil OilVisc software can calculate density at 20 C, 40 C, kinematic viscosity and viscosity index.


LogicOil’s OilVisc allows you to monitor the viscosity and density of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, gasoline, diesel oil, jet fuel, kerosene, bio-diesel, ethanol, chemical reagents and coating ink.


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