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LogicOil Ferrous Debris Monitor

The LogicOil ferrous debris monitor provides accurate and repeatable determination of ferromagnetic material concentration.

Ferrous Debris Monitoring

The LogicOil ferrous debris monitor offers an easy rapid batching analytical way for determining wear of ferromagnetic particles in lubricants. The LogicOil ferrous debris monitor directly measures the density of all ferromagnetic particles providing the operator timely insights on emerging problems and can often detect problems well in advance of vibration analysis, thermography, or other indirect monitoring methods.

Early Detection of Wear

There are several causes for mechanical equipment failure, however wear accounts for between 60-80% of mechanical failures. Lubricants, circulation in equipment, play an important role in sealing, lubricating, cooling, protecting, and washing away contaminants. Wear particle monitoring is an important method for early detection thereby avoiding expensive mechanical failure. The LogicOil ferrous debris monitor can quickly measure the PQ index (total wear amount) of oil samples providing timely information on mechanical wear. The LogicOil ferrous debris monitor provides peace of mind when it comes to detecting abnormal mechanical wear at the early stage.


  • Patented sensor and signal processing technology, the LogicOil Ferrous Debris Monitor offers reliable stability, high sensitivity, and repeatability.
  • No need for pretreatment of oil samples.
  • Effortless operation with measurement results available in seconds.
  • PC connectivity with software to conveniently analyse history data curve.
  • Compact design


  • Power: AC220V±10%50-60Hz
  • Temperature: 10℃~30℃
  • Screen: LCD128×64
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Repeatability: ±1% OR ±5PQ(<500 PQ)
  • Linearity: 1.5%
  • Measurement wear debris range: >5 m
  • Measure range: 0~15000PQ
  • Dimension: 430×380×155mm
  • Weight: 7.5kg
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