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LogicOil CloseView

Easy to use, portable compact design with high accuracy makes LogicOil’s CloseView the ideal tool for Sulfur and Chlorine testing.

Portable, Precise Sulfur & Chlorine Testing

Controlling additive elements when lending lubricating oils is vital. Ensure correct lubrication properties and minimise production waste.

The LogicOil CloseView is a fast and easy to use instrument for non-technical operators providing powerful analytical data for use in the research and development of new lubrication oil formulations.

When producing, using and recycling lubricating oils, it is vital to have a clear and precise understanding of the additive elements.

While Chlorides are always present in crude oils, the concentration can vary greatly. Depending on the products origin, its transportation method and processes, Chloride concentration can spike in a relatively short period of time leading to devastating corrosion events.

High Precision. Low detection Limits

While factory optimized test conditions are set for Chlorine analysis. The LogicOil CloseView enables low detection limits with high precision without the need for consumable helium gas, a vacuum pump or extensive sample preparation.

Features & Benefits

  • Portable, rugged, compact design for total non-destructive sulfur analysis
  • Quick analysis with minimum sample preparation
  • User-friendly software and One-touch measurement start for testing
  • Training for routine analysis takes only minutes
  • Low cost of daily analysis without any gas consumption
  • Built for tough environments
  • Intuitive interface displayed on the large 8 inches touchscreen

Precision Study

To study the precision of the LogicOil CloseView two crude oil samples of Chlorine with a certified value of 1000ppm and 300ppm were analyzed.

The results shown demonstrate that the LogicOil CloseView delivers precise measurements across a wide range of hydrocarbon samples.

Another important parameter of the device is the repeatability of the analysis. The sample was measured 5 times over a period of time. An average, standard deviation (Std Dev) and relative standard deviation (RSD) for Chlorine content was calculated from this data as below

Accuracy Study

To study the accuracy of LogicOil’s CloseView, ten measurements were performed on a commercially available oil reference material containing 100 ppm of Chlorine.

Continuous testing of 100 ppm was conducted, and the test value is shown in the report opposite.


LogicOil’s CloseView offers a precise, fast and easy to use alternative for crude oil, delivering D4294 compliant sulfur concentration plus Chlorine results in minutes.

The LogicOil CloseView not only provides an effective tool for sulfur monitoring but serves as an important process control for chlorine content in crude oil and other sample matrix during the refinery process.

Step 1

Prepare the sample cup. The cup is closed on the analytical side with a 6um thin Mylar film.

Step 2

Typically 3-5 ml oil from each standard was poured into the analyser’s cups up to the fill line.

Step 3

Put the sample cup on the LogicOil CloseView sample loader.

Step 4

Click the ‘start’ button to run analysis. Results will be shown after 200 seconds.

A set of commercially available oil standards with know Chlorine concentrations were used to setup the calibration. Figures below shows the correlation curves Chlorine in oil for low concentration ranges in ppm level.

This data was approximated with linear function. R2 is the coefficient of determination. An ideal correlation would have an R2 value of 1.

The points are Chlorine standards: 1ppm, 5ppm, 10ppm,20ppm, 50ppm, 100ppm, 300ppm. The perfect R2 value(0.999921) demonstrate the good linear with wide concentrate range of Chlorine.

Figures below shows the intensity and concentration database of Chlorine in oil.

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